people photography by John Herriott
circa 1995
- still looking for the spider
  Model Village, Clon   model railway village      
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Here's an image that many might recognise as it's been used for nearly
20 years, commissioned originally to promote the Model Railway Village
in Clonakilty.
To help with the theme I asked our other miniature model's mother to
suggest that there was a spider living in the church steeple and could she
see it?
I was particularly pleased with the way everything fell into place.
The natural pose, the gust of wind, lighting with added gold reflector and
of course the little girl's intense gaze.
Photographed using Fuji transparency( RDP) film with a medium format
Mamiya 6x4.5 camera and standard 80mm lens with polariser.
Exposure would have been in the range; 1/125 @ f5.6

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