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      Extraordinary Wave      
    Courtmacsherry Bay from Garrylucas Beach    
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Following the storms earlier in the week, I finally decided to shake off the cabin fever today ( 15 Feb ) and take a look
at the results of this devastating storm.
Garrylucas beach ( White Strand), seemed like a good place to start then on to Garrettstown and head west from there.
The waves were impressive as they came ashore, attracting about 20 surfers but then what caught my attention
when using the long lens seemed extraordinary - explosions of water on the horizon.
If there was any sound then it was drowned out by the near waves breaking on the beach.
The lens was set to the full 400mm zoom and the direction was to approx 210 degrees.

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Below is a cropped close up view from the picture above.
My first thought was that it might be waves crashing off Horse Rock but when I looked at the map later, that's not possible
because from my vantage point and for this to be the case then there should be land in the background but the direction
that I was aiming at was to open water, south of the beach.
My location was on top of the dunes at the east beach ( closest to the Old Head ) about midway between the
picnic area and where cars park on the left just beyond the dunes when heading west.
close up detail of exploding waves
    This close up crop gives the impression of land to the left but there's none there and can only be a wave.
Even if the horizon line here was just a couple of miles away then that would be a massive wave - and what about the force it would take to throw that column of water up so high?
My first impression when I saw the images on the computer was that the plume looked like the result of a depth charge
explosion! Other waves I photographed in the sequence were also breaking at that point, all with different shapes and intensities so bang goes that theory.
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