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      Blackbird hen, Blackberries and an unfortunate Wasp      
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    This hen blackbird while banqueting on early autumn blackberries was persistently buzzed by a wasp.
She obviously had enough of the interruptions.
Caught in a flash she squeezed out the sting, crunched his mid section, set him aside and then went back
to her feed but not before having a good long stare at her handiwork - maybe making sure that he was
permanently dispatched?
The wasp wasn't even on her menu.
There's bound to be a moral to this story but I won't even begin to make an attempt at that.

Following is the sequence of events as they unfolded;
    hen wasp 1 hen wasp 2 hen wasp 3 hen wasp 4  
hen wasp 5 hen wasp 6 hen wasp 7 hen wasp 8
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