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Blackwater, Bride confluence.

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pylon plan from Cork to Kildare cancelled

This image was produced based on an existing library image showing the confluence of the Bride and Blackwater rivers.
At the request of local objectors I applied pylons to illustrate how Eirgrid's proposed
' infrastructural development ' would impact on this area of outstanding natural beauty.

The illustration is based on Eirgrid's own maps describing corridors of thousands of 200ft tall, high tension lines to show the level of environmental damage they are about to inflict. They argue that this would be beneficial for job creation while being kind to the environment.
I was not aware of Eirgrid's plans until I was contacted by a group from the area who were organising a public awareness campaign and planning objection..

Many other areas will suffer the same fate unless this project proceeds with the most obvious solution and that is of course to develop the new network underground as is being done in other regions in Europe.

The image was applied to a ' building wrap ' for the group's information office in Lismore,
County Waterford.

  pylons information office wrap, Lismore  
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